Upcoming Mont Rose Student Union Elections!

We are excited to announce that Mont Rose College is running Student Union elections in June! Not only is this a guaranteed way to get your voice heard on campus – representing your fellow Mont Rose peers but it will be a huge enhancement to your career as well!

As of now, applications for positions are currently OPEN! You can register your interest in 4 different positions, including:

  • MRSU President
  • Employment and Academic Officer
  • Finance and Welfare Officer
  • Event Organiser

The most important feat the MRSU will take on is giving ALL Mont Rose College students a voice and ensuring that all students are treated equally. The MRSU is also responsible for strengthening student engagement by organising events and promoting college activities.

Each position has a distinct and a unique role to play in the Student Union Council. To see which role you are best suited for, first request the relevant job description from the Employability Department. Then, you might want to ask yourself questions like: What are my strengths and weaknesses? Can I adequately perform this role whilst keeping up with my studies? Does the role I am interested in require more or less involvement and will I be able to dedicate the required time? Am I confident in performing the role’s duties?

Once you have decided which role you are interested in and applying for, the next step would be to request an application form for the Employability Department. Send your completed application form and your CV back to the Employability Team.

Once your documents have been approved and you meet the minimum requirements, you can then start campaigning for votes! Campaigns can include everything from social media posts, posters, talking with students outside of classroom hours, etc.

Be imaginative and make sure to rally all of your friends to spread the word! If you are unsure your campaign is within the rules, please get in touch with the Employability Department. You have time until 9th June 2022 to run your campaign before voting commences.

We hope you will all become involved with MRSU and try your chances at applying for the position available! Best of luck!

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