Another successful #TakeoverChallenge with a record number of Barnsley young people

Today, Cabinet Members heard about the success of the Barnsley #TakeoverChallenge that took place on Friday 26 November, where a record number of over 600 children and young people got involved.  

The Takeover Challenge was launched in 2006 by the Children’s Commissioner’s Office as a fun, imaginative and exciting activity to encourage organisations across England to open their doors to children and young people to take over adult roles. 

It gives children and young people across the country the chance to work with adults and get involved in organisational decision-making. Young people benefit from having their views heard, having fun and being inspired. They also help our partners by bringing fresh, unique and creative perspectives on important issues.   

Locally, it is an excellent opportunity to promote participation in line with Barnsley’s Pledge to Children in Care and Care Leavers and ensures that children have a right to have their views heard on the decisions that affect their lives. The event also worked with representatives from:  

  • Barnsley’s Youth Council  
  • The SEND Youth Forum  
  • The Really NEET (Not in employment, education and training) Project  
  • Astrea Dearne  
  • Darton Academy  
  • Outwood Academy Shafton  
  • Horizon Community College  
  • Barnsley College. 

The day saw children and young people across Barnsley learning more about the world of work for a wide range of jobs, with shadowing activities and sessions with:  

  • the annual Joint Trust Executive (TEG) and Safeguarding Event  
  • a former journalist of The Times newspaper  
  • Designers Republic  
  • South Yorkshire Police  
  • Family Centres  
  • Public Health  
  • Communications, Marketing and social media  
  • Recruitment and HR  
  • Compass – mental health and wellbeing  
  • Children’s and Adults Social Care  
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services  
  • Barnsley NHS Clinical Commissioning Group  
  • Project Management  
  • Chilypep – working with the voice of young people  
  • Economic Development  
  • The Young Apprentice  
  • Employability teams  
  • Life as an Elected Member  
  • Barnsley Independent Domestic Abuse Service  
  • Adults and Communities Directorate  

Mel John Ross, Executive Director of Children’s Services, said: “Takeover Challenge is a fantastic event that helps to raise young people’s aspirations and ambition for learning and personal development.” 

“We’re thrilled that so many young people and partners got involved in making this a successful event, supplying opportunities for Barnsley children to develop their skills, talent and creativity.” 

The Takeover Challenge also forms part of the ‘Inclusive Offer’, the council’s programme to support young people’s work readiness and employability as part of the borough’s More and Better Jobs Employment and Skills Strategy. 

You can read the full Cabinet report on the Barnsley Council website.

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