Households to receive £150 energy payment in April – Coventry City Council

The majority of Coventry households will receive a £150 government energy rebate payment from next week to help with rising energy bills.

Coventry City Council is responsible for administering the local payments to households living in properties in council tax bands A – D who are entitled to the payment.

The one-off payment does not have to be repaid. 

Homes in the city will receive £150 made to the person who is liable for Council Tax.

To begin with the new government energy rebate payment will be made to Coventry households who currently pay their Council Tax to the Council by direct debit. This means a payment will be made direct to their bank account – provided it matches to the liable party for council tax bill payments.  

Barrie Strain, Head of Revenues and Benefits at the Council, said: “Payments to direct debit council tax bill payers are starting next week.

“We will also be writing to those households who do not make payments by direct debit. The letter will provide a link to a short online form which will allow people to confirm their bank details so we can make the payment to them. Eligible households will start to receive these letters during April and May.”

“The application process will be open for a number of weeks and only those who receive letters will need to complete the form. Anyone entitled to the payment who has not received a payment or made an application by the end of the application window will automatically have the payment made to their council tax account so no one will miss out on this money.”

The Government’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) announced the ‘Council Tax Energy Rebate’ scheme in February which all Councils are required to administer.

This affects 140,000 properties in Coventry making up 94 per cent of the city’s domestic properties.

Although the payment is made to the person holding the council tax accounts, residents should still continue to make council tax payments as normal.

The rebate is to support households with the rising cost of energy, and everyone entitled to the payment will receive it.

About the Coventry scheme:

  1. Those who pay their council tax by direct debit will receive a payment direct to their bank account from next week, providing that the name on the account matches the liable party for council tax purposes;
  2. Those who do not pay by direct debit will need to complete an online application. Each eligible household will be sent a letter to explain that they should apply online or contact us for an assisted claim. The online system will validate identity and bank details;
  3. The application process will be open for a period to be confirmed. However, if an eligible household has not claimed before this date then the Council will credit the council tax account with £150 which can be claimed as a refund or left to reduce the council tax balance.

Approximately 87,000 households pay by direct debit in Coventry.

This leaves 53,000 households who will need to make an application for the energy rebate.

The Council will be deploying considerable resources to work through the applications as quickly as possible whilst ensuring processes are robust and mitigate the risk of fraud or error. Senior officers are stressing that people do not need to get in touch with the Council as everyone who is entitled to the £150 energy rebate will receive it.

Barrie added: “It is really important that we accurately validate contact names and bank details to avoid any errors. That’s why the process will be quicker to direct debit accounts.

“In the meantime, we are encouraging residents not to contact us as we will write to everyone who is entitled to the rebate to explain how they can receive the payment. Everyone entitled to the payment will receive it.”

Details are also explained on the Council’s website at

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