Notarianni Ices helps keep Blackpool tidy with compostable packaging

Posted on Tuesday 31st August 2021

The owners of Notarianni Ices, Luca and his sister Maddalena, stood outside of the ice cream palour

Blackpool’s iconic ice cream parlour, Notarianni Ices, one of the council’s Keep Blackpool Tidy ambassadors, famously associated with delicious vanilla, has gone green!

The much-loved eatery (situated in the heart of South Shore on Waterloo Rd, Blackpool) has seen four generations serve a secret family recipe since 1928, and since 2020, has made an eco-friendly move by introducing compostable packaging across their range, with more additions in 2021.

This means the tubs, cups, hot drink lids, and spoons are all made from materials that can break down completely into non-toxic components, therefore having no impact on the environment.

The move supports the council’s mission to reach 100 per cent clean energy for the resort’s functions by 2030 – meaning the town will use 100 per cent renewable energy sources.

Cllr Jane Hugo, Blackpool Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change, said:

“I am delighted to see the team at Notarianni’s playing their part in tackling Blackpool’s Climate Emergency, and getting behind the Keep Blackpool Tidy campaign.

“It is so important that businesses across the town take inspiration from the ice cream parlour and follow suit, so that together we can reach our aim of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

“Blackpool Council is only responsible for three per cent of these emissions, which is why it is crucial our partners and residents work alongside us to ensure we all make a real change.”

Blackpool’s climate emergency was declared in 2019. However, as the council only has control over a small proportion of carbon emissions, it needs both businesses and residents to play their part in tackling the crisis.

Luca Vettese, Managing Director of Notarianni Ices, explained how he felt he had a responsibility as a business to go green, especially with being so close to the sea.

Talking about the compostable packaging, he said:

“It is a lot more expensive than a lot of other packaging, but you can’t put a price on the environment. I know a lot of bigger companies are trying to move onto compostable packaging where possible, but I think it’s something we all need to do. It also encourages customers to care about the environment too and dispose of their waste appropriately.

“With them being compostable, it doesn’t mean people can just throw them on the floor, they still need to be disposed of appropriately. We encourage people to use all the bins along the promenade, and we have our keep Blackpool Tidy flags out [in front of the palour] and on our screens.

“We’re massive fans of the town and we love Blackpool to pieces, so we have to make sure it’s nice and tidy for visitors, locals, and the environment in general. We’re always looking at ways we can improve and what positive impact we can have on the community and the local area.

 “Keep Blackpool tidy everyone and do your bit. If you go for a walk on the beach and you see some rubbish just pick it up and put it in the bin.”

As part of Keep Blackpool Tidy, the council launched its Don’t Be A Scruff, Bin Your Stuff campaign for the second year running to encourage people to use the many litter bins available in the area and remind everyone to look after the town’s beautiful beaches by taking responsibility for their own litter.

Residents can get involved with keeping Blackpool tidy by becoming a litter hero.

To find out more and to apply for a free action pack, visit the council’s website.

Pictured: Managing Director of Notarianni Ices Luca Vettese and his sister Maddalena

Posted on Tuesday 31st August 2021

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