New children’s home has MP’s support

Local MP, Richard Drax, has voiced his support for a new children’s home in Weymouth during a visit to the Harbour children’s residential hub at Dorchester Road.

The Harbour is based on an approach used in North Yorkshire which brings different professionals together in one place to work with young people on the edge of care, and in the care system. There is strong evidence that this support makes a real difference for our young people in improving life outcomes.

It provides an innovative, multi-agency approach to support our most vulnerable young people to improve safety, stability, engagement in education, training and work readiness and emotional wellbeing.

Work has been completed on what was a derelict but striking Edwardian property, bringing the building back to its original glory to provide the residential hub from which The Harbour will operate.

Mr Drax was shown round the impressive home, and said he was ‘mightily impressed by what I saw and heard’.

Mr Drax said of those working on the project: ‘I was alarmed at the huge numbers of children and teenagers needing your help and I would like to thank you for all that you do for them.

‘It is tragic to see so many young people’s lives blighted before they get a chance to stand on their own two feet as adults.’

In furnishing, Dorset Council have taken an innovative approach to purchase previously adored furniture to create a more homely environment, improve quality and reduce carbon and waste impacts. By reducing these impacts, this is contributing to Dorset Council’s climate emergency goals. There are additional social benefits which include, buying locally, supporting social enterprises and employment in refurbishment and delivery.

Councillor Andrew Parry said: ‘Young people who enter care during their teenage years traditionally spend considerable periods in residential care, placed away from the people and places that are important, often without sufficient planning or support to re-engage in family relationships or form strong relationships with carers.

‘The Harbour residential hub will provide a warm and welcoming homely setting which will improve emotional wellbeing and give our young people the surroundings they need to thrive and will help them to engage in education, training and work readiness.’


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