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Halton Borough Council is encouraging the community to get talking about dying, grief and plans for the end of life, smashing a modern taboo!

Halton Libraires is introducing a new collection of books called Death Matters’ in Halton Lea and Widnes Libraries.

The collection is being launched as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week (2-6 May), which is a national campaign to open up conversations around death and dying, how and where we die and what care and support we have in place.

The books are a mix of practical guides for planning and bereavement, memoirs and novels for adults and children. All aimed at helping with planning for death and dealing with the loss of someone close.

They will be available in Widnes and Halton Lea Libraries and there will also be a display of the books at Halton Haven Hospice.

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many more people have experienced to loss of a loved one, many at home and without the right emotional and practical support they need.

Never before has opening up conversations about death and talking to friends, relatives and loved ones in advance been so important.

Sarah West, Hospice UK and Dying Matters Director of Campaigns and Communications said: “It is so important to talk to friends, relatives and loved ones about your and their wishes for end of life care, and Dying Matters Awareness Week is a great way for communities across the UK to get the conversation started.

“We know that right now people are dying without the emotional and practical support they need.

“The pandemic has seen many more people dying at home, and while we know that health and social care staff are doing their best in the hardest of circumstances, they’re often finding themselves without the specialist knowledge or capacity to look after dying patients and their families. This needs to change.”

Everyone deserves to die #InAGoodPlace, not matter who they are. For more information, visit the Dying Matters website.

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