Council use new DVLA powers to clamp down on untaxed vehicles

Posted on Wednesday 21st March 2018

New powers from the DVLA to deal with untaxed vehicles in the Borough will allow the Council to deal more effectively with abandoned vehicles.

Under the new designated powers the Council can remove illegal vehicles from the highway, and aims to prioritise those that are causing obstructions or pose a danger to other road users. The Council is authorised by the DVLA to take enforcement action against untaxed vehicles, which involves vehicles being checked, and if found to be untaxed, clamped and ultimately removed from the highway. Owners will be able to reclaim impounded vehicles by paying a release fee, provided they do so within a set timescale and meet criteria laid down to ensure the vehicle is made road legal. Unclaimed vehicles could be destroyed.

Councillor Mike Greene, Cabinet Member for Transport, Cleansing & Waste said: “Untaxed and abandoned vehicles are not only a nuisance and an eyesore, but often cause a danger or a hindrance to other motorists. We ask that all vehicle owners maintain, tax and park their vehicles responsibly, particularly on the public highway, to avoid enforcement action that could ultimately result in the vehicle being destroyed. These new powers from the DVLA will enable untaxed vehicles to be dealt with consistently and promptly.“

In addition, vehicles that are deemed unsecure, dangerous or abandoned will also be subject to enforcement action by the Council even if they have valid tax and MOT. The operation of this new enforcement action is envisaged to be cost neutral to the Council.

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