Council’s parking team wins national award for best online services : Chichester District Council

The enhancements have been recognised by this year’s PATROL Promoting Awareness of Civil Enforcement through Reporting (PACER) Awards.

Each year, as part of national parking legislation, local councils are required to publish an annual report to help raise awareness of the parking service. Chichester District Council’s 2019-2020 report outlined the many ways in which customers can access services through the council’s website. This includes customers being able to purchase season tickets and residents permits; view evidence; and pay and challenge a Penalty Charge Notice.

Since the report was published, further work has been carried out by the council’s communications and parking teams to further enhance the online services available. This includes enabling a wide range of parking problems to be reported, and improvements to carrying out a permit change request.

In addition, many of the website pages have been redesigned and simplified to ensure that they are more customer-friendly. Top tasks have been highlighted so that people can quickly and easily complete them, and information has been made more accessible, and easier to find.

This is an excellent result, and is the culmination of a great deal of work by both our parking and communications teams over the past few years to create a smoother and quicker online experience for our customers,” says Councillor Tony Dignum, the council’s Cabinet Member for Growth and Regeneration at Chichester District Council. “Our aim has been to improve the customer experience and enable those that can and prefer to, to carry out tasks themselves whenever it is convenient for them on their chosen device.

“We’ve received some excellent feedback from customers and satisfaction levels are good. The number of tasks carried out online has increased, which is great news. By regularly reviewing the results, both teams will ensure that these online services continue to meet our customer needs into the future.”

To access the council’s parking services, you can visit our parking webpages.

To read the full 2019-2020 report, you can visit our parking service reports webpage.

Date of release: 30 September 2021

Reference: 4047

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