Reading made easier with dyslexia books at our libraries

Getting mixed up about what to read? We now have dyslexia friendly books from Clarity in Halton’s Libraires

All the titles have been created especially for people who find reading challenging.

These challenges can range from dyslexic readers to those who suffer from eye strain and tiredness.

Halton Brough Council Library Strategy & Development Manager, Julie Grittihs, said: “Many dyslexic people shy away from reading and as a result, cannot easily enjoy the pleasure of books

“It is estimated that 15 per cent of the population suffers to a greater or smaller extent from Dyslexia.

“To ensure the wider community can enjoy the reading experience and enrich their lives. Reading becomes a joy when the concentration is on the story and not the process of reading itself.”

Clarity Books uses typeface and colour and page layout as recommended by the British Dyslexic Association to provide books for adult readers.

Find them near the Large Print section in our libraries.

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