Community road signs damaged – Dorset Council news

Concerns are being raised that road safety could be at risk, following damage to several community.

SIDs are electronic, vehicle activated devices that remind road users of speed limits and help lower speeds through Dorset communities.

They make people feel safer and support the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Tony Burden, Dorset Council Road Safety Manager, said: “It’s disappointing that people would intentionally cause damage to SIDs – they are an important road safety tool.

“The devices are owned by the community and any repairs or replacement is paid for by the local town or parish council.”

Five devices have been damaged at five different sites – in Harman’s Cross, Spetisbury, Upton, Weymouth and Winterbourne Steepleton.

If you’re concerned about a SID not working properly email

You can find out more about the community SID initiative online.

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