Trust introduces Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship

Newcastle’s first cohort of nurse associates and assistant practitioners began their Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (RNDA) recently – a new initiative which will support them on their journey towards becoming fully qualified registered nurses in just 18 months.

The apprenticeship was developed in collaboration with Northumbria University as a ‘bridging programme’ and prepares apprentices to learn the key concepts of nursing through work based learning and real-life experiences, on their journey towards qualification.

The apprenticeship meets the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) ‘Future Nurse’ standards and is focussed on enabling our apprentices to:

Newcastle’s first apprenticeship is being pioneered by 18 of our nurse associates and assistant practitioners who successfully applied to RNDA programme. It is only 18 months months long recognising previous academic study and experiential learning gained in previous roles, reaching the same standard as the traditional 3 year programme.

  • demonstrate critical thinking skills on complex healthcare issues and the health and wellbeing of adult patients
  • develop comprehensive nursing abilities to assess, plan, implement and evaluate individualised holistic, evidence-based nursing care through strong reflective and analytical skills
  • gain an understanding of the importance of evidence-based practice and translation of research into practice.

We’re delighted to be able to offer this innovative entry route into nursing in partnership with Northumbria University, and look forward to watching how the RNDA programme grows over time.

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