Doncaster Council issue five fines in continued crackdown on poor housing management

Doncaster Council have issued five fines to Landlords for breaching licensing conditions under the selective licensing scheme in Edlington, over the past few weeks.

The Selective Licensing scheme was introduced to help tackle high levels of anti-social behaviour and the resulting impact this was having on residents. 

The recent fines – ranging from £500 to £2,940 – were issued to landlords with properties on the Royal Estate, Edlington, for failing to provide compliance documents when requested by the Council.

The request to provide adequate paperwork, including Energy Performance Certificates & Gas Safety certificates, is a mandatory requirement of landlords with properties in the area covered by the Selective Licensing scheme.

Selective Licensing has been in place in Edlington for the past four years during which Council Environmental Health Practitioners have undertaken annual property safety checks. Following the conclusion of a similar five-year scheme in the Hexthorpe area, which ceased in 2020, the Council re-introduced selective licensing earlier this year for a further five-year term.

The schemes gives local authorities, such as Doncaster Council, the opportunity to target areas of poor housing standards, those impacted by ASB, as well as areas with a high level of deprivation.  Upon introduction of a scheme the local authority can enforce certain requirements relating to property management, ASB, housing standard and safety.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Portfolio holder for Highways, Infrastructure and Enforcement at Doncaster Council, commenting on the scheme, said:

“All tenants renting from private landlords should have an expectation that the property is safe and fit to live in – and all landlords should be fully aware of their legal obligations before they rent out any property. Where standards in rented properties fall short, the Council will not hesitate to enforce against those who fail in their legal duty to provide homes of a decent standard. 

“Landlords also have a responsibility to ensure that their tenants behave reasonably and are considerate of their neighbours. If landlords rent out their properties to tenants who cause a nuisance or inflict misery on their neighbours, the Council can and will use the selective licensing scheme to take action against the landlord as well as the anti-social tenants.  We want to work with the majority of decent landlords, but we will not shy away from dealing with the small irresponsible minority.”

Including these fines, Doncaster Council’s enforcement team have issued a total of 48 financial penalties to landlords for contraventions of housing law since adopting the powers in 2018. Further work continues to take place across the Edlington area – including joint police-work and through regenerative neighbourhood projects.

Further enforcement work through the Selective Licensing scheme when identified will take place over the next few months and will continue to be communicated to residents.

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