Local residents to be supported with cost of living ‘relief’ fund

Doncaster residents are set to benefit financially from additional support to help with the cost of living and will see further positive investment in the boroughs leisure facilities.

One area of focus is providing additional support to help residents that are struggling with the cost of living crisis, including energy price rises and food price rises.

Measures comprise allocating a further £4million of funding to support our most vulnerable residents in response to the cost of living crisis. This will in effect more than double the financial support that Government is providing (Government has allocated Doncaster just under £3million as part of the Household Support Fund). The Household Support fund will total over £7million.

As part of plans Doncaster council will provide financial support; comprising of £200 payment to pensioners on housing benefit or council tax reduction and £200 payment to working age households on housing benefit or council tax reduction (with or without children).

The additional funding will also extend the support for vulnerable households with children over the Summer Holidays. Providing school holiday food vouchers to children currently in school and in receipt of free school meals and payments for non-school age children where the household is in receipt of a council tax reduction or housing benefit.

The number of people who claim, via universal credit, access to a fuel allowance is predicted to double to a level only previously experienced during the pandemic.

In addition £5m will also be spent on improving the future health and wellbeing of local residents with funding to support renovations of some of our leisure centres in the community. We know that this investment is important to ensure that residents can access good quality local centres.

This allocation of funding has been made possible, due to a one-off year-end underspend and release of specific earmarked reserves of £9.6m, which is reported in the 2021/22 Quarter 4 Finance and Performance report, being presented at the cabinet meeting on 8th June. This has arisen through the prudent financial management of council budgets during a very volatile period and significant progress has been achieved on delivery of savings, also ensuring value for money.

Mayor Ros Jones said: “During a turbulent 12 month period we have continued to manage our resources and money effectively. An underspend of this nature is unexpected but welcome during this cost of living crisis, it will enable us to offer more support to our most vulnerable residents.

“We do all we can, where we can, to support the people of our borough during this cost of living crisis. We’re all experiencing day-to-day price increases from heating our home to fuel for the car and the cost of our shopping.

“We’re looking to help those most in need and support people where ever we can. We will not be able to make these financial challenges disappear but if we can reduce the impact on households we will do so.

“This further investment in our leisure centres will enable us to continue our works to improve and enhance the provision across the Doncaster borough, improving the access and experience for the people of Doncaster and encouraging us all to live more active and healthier lives.”

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Last updated: 27 May 2022 17:10:11

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