Reminder about bin collection dates after Bank Holiday weekend

People in Exeter are being reminded about changes to bin collection dates that will follow this week’s Bank Holidays.

Bin collections in Exeter will take place on newly rescheduled dates following the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend.

The changed dates are to allow the crews to enjoy a full four-day break for the special occasion.

Residents are advised to familiarise themselves with the new ‘catch-up’ dates following the Bank Holiday weekend, as these are different to the ones originally advertised on the City Council website.

The new dates are as follows:

Bins due: Will now be collected:
Thursday 2 June Monday 6 June
Friday 3 June Tuesday 7 June
Monday 6 June Wednesday 8 June
Tuesday 7 June Thursday 9 June
Wednesday 8 June Friday 10 June
Thursday 9 June Saturday 11 June
Friday 10 June Monday 13 June
Monday 13 June Tuesday 14 June
Tuesday 14 June Wednesday 15 June
Wednesday 15 June Thursday 16 June
Thursday 16 June Friday 17 June
Friday 17 June Saturday 18 June

A Council spokesman said: “We have changed the dates to allow our collection crews, who have worked flat-out over the last few years, often under relentless pressure due to staffing during the pandemic, the opportunity to enjoy a full four day break that they often miss out on.”

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