Council leads the way in Go Green at Work initiative

Posted on Friday 1st December 2017

Businesses in Bournemouth are being encouraged to adopt a proven ‘Go Green at work’ initiative which can help save money and reduce carbon emissions in the workplace. 

Over the last five years, staff at Bournemouth Council have been making simple changes to the way they go about daily duties in a bid to Go Green at Work. From removing waste bins and encouraging staff to recycle more, to switching off lights and computers when not needed.

These everyday changes coupled with significant projects have made a real difference to the organisation’s commitment to Go Green at Work, resulting in monetary savings of approximately £84,400.

 Initiatives contributing have included:

  • The installation of a grey water harvesting system at Bournemouth Crematorium which has saved £4,400 over the last four years
  • Replacing paper towels with hand dryers in bathrooms at the Town Hall saving approximately £39,000 over the last three years, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and helping fund the collection of food waste.
  • Teams across the council progressing through the bronze, silver and gold levels of the initiative has saved £41,000

Actions taken have also saved approximately 161 tonnes of carbon.

The Council is calling upon other businesses to also sign up to initiative so they too can save money and reduce carbon emissions.  Among local businesses who already share the drive to be sustainable are Organix Brands, LV and Kiteleys Solicitors.

Councillor Mike Greene, Cabinet Member for Transport, Cleansing & Waste, said “The Go Green at Work initiative engages staff in simple, fun and effective tasks which save money, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions in the workplace.  

“This is another example of our ‘sensible sustainability’ approach, where money, which would have been wasted on unnecessary paper, or lighting rooms that weren’t being used, can now be far better spent on those services valued by residents. The Go Green at Work initiative is helping make our Council and town fit for the future as we strive to be a Green Economy Leader.”


If you are interested in rolling out your own Go Green at Work scheme please email



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