Blackpool residents urged to #TestAndGo before enjoying the Euros

Posted on Friday 11th June 2021

Enjoying the Euros with friends? is written in pink writing agross a green background, underneath it says #TestandGo before heading out. There's a man on the right with his hand up looking as though he is watching a football match. He is wearing a blue sh

Blackpool residents are being urged to #TestAndGo before meeting up with their friends and families to watch Euro 2020 matches.

All residents are being encouraged to regularly use rapid symptom-free tests, which can be accessed through local testing hubs and pharmacies, or online. The tests are free and give a Covid-19 result in around 30 minutes.

There is more information on how to order free tests on the council’s website under Symptom-Free Testing.

Evidence shows that around 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 have no symptoms, so it’s important everyone gets tested ahead of the upcoming matches to protect their friends and families as well as the local community.

As well as calling everyone to take part in Test And Go, the council also wants residents to act with caution when mixing with people outside of their household.

It’s important that everyone continues to:

  • Follow the hands, face, space, fresh air guidance
  • Keep indoor areas well ventilated
  • Get their vaccine when invited
  • Isolate and book a test if they have symptoms

Dr Arif Rajpura, Director of Public Health at Blackpool Council, said:

“We know many residents in Blackpool will be looking forward to cheering on the England team and while we want people to enjoy watching the matches with friends and family, we also want to make sure we are keeping everyone safe and well.

“There are quick, simple steps we can take to make sure we’re keeping loved ones and our community safe.

“Doing a free rapid Covid-19 test takes just minutes of our time but is so important, particularly with new variants in circulation.

“We’ve made it as easy as possible to get tested and pick up free home test kits in Blackpool – we have symptom-free testing hubs in the town centre and many local pharmacies where packs of rapid tests can be collected with no appointment needed.

“Making sure you keep areas well ventilated and continuing to social distance with anyone outside of your household are also key to reducing transmission.

“Our message is to do your bit for Blackpool; enjoy the Euros but enjoy it safely.”

Posted on Friday 11th June 2021

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