New all-age mental health strategy launches in Barnsley

Barnsley’s Health and Wellbeing Board has approved a new all-age Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2022-2026. The new strategy will help to make sure that Barnsley has the support and culture to enable everyone within the borough to achieve their potential.

We want everyone in Barnsley to have a good life. This means everything from a quality place to call home, to good physical and mental wellbeing and a sense of self-worth through diverse and secure employment opportunities. It is also about having access to the best possible local facilities in a community that values our people and our town.

This means that all residents of Barnsley will be able to enjoy those things that help them feel positive about their lives, along with access to high-quality support and compassionate local services when they need them.

The refreshed strategy is split into three key areas: starting well, living well, and ageing well. It sets out a vision to provide early help, support, advice, and services to anyone struggling with poor mental health at every point in their lives.

It uses a range of sources, including the Barnsley Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Public Health Outcomes Framework. Barnsley residents’ voices have been used to inform the strategy. This includes the ‘A Day in the Life of’ research, Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing survey, and the Barnsley 2030 consultation.

Cllr Caroline Makinson, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health and Communities, said: “We want everyone in Barnsley to have the best possible chance of enjoying life in good physical and mental health. Our health and social care services are coming together so you can get the right care and support you need. We’re really pleased to have worked with partners in the Mental Health Partnership to create this strategy to improve mental health for everyone in Barnsley.”

Dr Nick Balac, Chair of Barnsley CCG, said: “We know that COVID-19 has highlighted and increased health inequalities in Barnsley. We want to make sure Barnsley’s recovery from COVID-19 is fair for everyone. With a strong focus on mental health we can help to ensure our town is a great place to live for everyone.”

Read the Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2022-2026 here.

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