Update on Penny Pie Park foot and cycle bridge project

Plans for the next stages of the new foot and cycle bridge for Penny Pie Park, which will improve access for our residents and connect two existing greenspaces, have been shared with Cabinet members. 

The latest report will also be discussed at the Cabinet meeting on 16 June.  

The project will form the final stage of improvements, alongside the new gyratory and brand-new play and recreational facilities, and will deliver the following – 

  • Connection of two existing public green spaces, which are currently divided by the Sheffield – Huddersfield railway line. 
  • Provide connectivity links between two community areas of Dodworth and Pogmoor (wards Old Town and Dodworth). 
  • Provide a safe crossing point for children going to and from Horizon Community College as well as the wider general public, which does not exist currently. 
  • Provide a safe active travel route for the residents of the borough and promote more walking and cycling. 
  • Help with addressing the Network Rail recorded incidents of trespassing on the line, improving safety for children in the Barnsley area. 
  • Complement and enhance the delivery of the A628 Dodworth Road and Broadway Junction Improvement scheme, which is vital to support our future business and housing growth plans, and improve access to our new town centre. 

In November 2021, following a robust procurement exercise, Cabinet approved the award of the Penny Pie Park Footbridge and Civils Works contract. 

The contract has not yet been executed due to a number of mining risk uncertainties raised by Network Rail. These have now been addressed following ground condition surveys and further testing. The results have now been accepted and signed off by Network Rail. 

The council are now able to approve the contract with the preferred contractor. 

A reviewed tender price (in line with clauses in the contract) and a delivery programme has been provided by the contractor and their sub-contractors, based on a contract execution date of 6 June 2022. Additional resources of £498k has, therefore, now been approved to support the delivery of the overall scheme. 

Volatility in the steel market and construction costs, mean that the contract prices are changing almost daily, meaning that the preferred contractor and subcontractor are unable to guarantee to hold their prices. The council has therefore moved quickly to ensure the delivery of the project and also avoid any delays which would impact on the current delivery programme agreed with Network Rail.  

Governance and value for money are at the core of everything the council delivers. We continue to stringently review all cost and income projections associated with the development, to make sure that value for money is demonstrated and achieved. 

We will provide regular updates as the programme of work progresses and now look forward to the completion of this project, which will provide significant improvements for our communities in this area.  

The new, improved community park facilities are now almost complete, and we’ll be marking the opening very soon with residents able to access the new outdoor spaces. This will be followed by the new bridge opening on completion of the project. 

You can check out the latest images of the new Penny Pie Park facilities here. 

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