What is Power BI Training: What Skills Do You Learn?

Analytics is a topic that is of great importance in today’s world, which is not particularly surprising given the data-centric society we live in. Analytics is all about the discovery, interpretation and processing of data.

However, there are so many tools to choose from for data and business analysts that it can often be a challenge trying to work out which tool would be best suited to which project. An analytics tool known as Power BI, a creation of Microsoft, could be the simple answer to a lot of these challenges. But what is Power BI, and how does it work?

Explaining Power BI

The definition of Power BI as explained by Microsoft is a collection of software apps, connectors and services that work in tandem to turn unrelated data sources into insights that are coherent, interactive and visually insightful.

BI means “Business Intelligence”, which is a term used to describe the leveraging of software and services for the transformation of data into actionable insights that can inform the tactical and strategic business decisions made by organisations.

With Power BI, non-technical users are given all the resources they require for the aggregation, analysis, visualisation and sharing of data by the tool. In the world of business Power BI is considered to be among the best drag-and-drop tools the industry has in its possession today.

The tool is able to access and analyse all relevant data and then provide its findings through charts, dashboards, graphs, maps, reports and summaries in order to ensure users have accurate and detailed intelligence in regards to the state of their business.

Business intelligence makes use of tools that transform raw data into intelligent actions and plans that benefit an organisation on a number of different levels, and Power BI is one of the most important of those tools.

Power BI has over 100 data connectors, meaning that users are able to seamlessly and effortlessly connect to a number of different data sets.

What skills can you learn from Power BI?

Power BI training is aimed at report creators who have an interest in finding alternative ways of presenting data. Training in Power BI will help supercharge your analyst skillset, teaching you skills such as how to build a data model, connect to data sources and create data visualisations in order to discover important insights.

Power BI training teaches skills related to database administration, data visualisation and data analysis.

What jobs can you get with Power BI training?

The ubiquity and versatility of Power BI mean there are a host of positions open to those with the relevant skills including Power BI analyst, Power BI data analyst, Power BI software engineer, senior software engineer, Power BI Business Analyst, Power BI data analyst, Power BI developer and senior business intelligence analyst.

Power BI is used by a wide array of different industries such as IT, financial services, staffing and recruiting, computer software, healthcare and insurance.

Power BI developers are crucial to modern companies and data-specific jobs are likely to increase as time goes on, creating many opportunities for entry-level workers as well as experienced professionals.

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