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The 22nd June is Windrush Day – a chance to recognise the generation of migrants who helped to rebuild Britain after the Second World War.

In Doncaster, we have a large Windrush community from Jamaica – the majority of whom moved here after spending some time in Nottingham.

Many of these people came to Doncaster to work in coal mines, as pay and conditions were preferable to other areas. Many others worked in the local Nuttall’s sweets factory, or for the newly-formed NHS as nurses and midwives.

In celebration of this community, stories and fascinating insights have been shared in multiple exhibitions over recent years. The council and Heritage Doncaster are proud to work with the local group Second Generation (2G), to share reflections from the local community. An exhibition was held in the Frenchgate Centre in 2020 and is also referenced in Danum Gallery, Library and Museum.

You can read some of the material from the exhibition here in the attached PDF below, which is entitled Doncaster’s Black History. It contains insights about the Windrush generation and much more, and is a really interesting read.

Black History Booklet CTR 2021 (1)
Download (3.87MB – PDF)

We are also delighted to share this link to a recent interview with Audley Forrester MBE, who spoke to Alex Watson from 2G about his reflections of arriving in Doncaster from Jamaica.

Audley Forrester Interview link.

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