Support for 150 businesses announced along with launch of Green Business Programme

This partnership with Allia is an example of Hackney’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in the borough in achieving their goals and helping equip them to meet the economic challenges brought about by a Brexit legacy compounded by the pandemic, now accentuated by the cost-of-living crisis, the threat of stagflation and the impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

The Green Business Programme sets out to deliver the Mayor’s objective to help businesses in Hackney transition to low-carbon businesses and work towards a green industry accreditation whilst creating more sustainable jobs for local residents. The programme will be run four times over the coming year and each one is designed to guide the creation of green action plans, establishing the impact of the business and work towards accreditation.

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Delivery, Inclusive Economy and Regeneration

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