County Durham and Darlington – Temporary changes to support Orthopaedic patients with the best care and experience

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we had to make changes to our
services to support our response to the pandemic, this included
reducing the amount of planned orthopaedic surgery we were able to
perform. We have made good progress with the recovery of services
as we all learn to live with Covid-19. However, unfortunately, we
have a number of patients who are waiting longer than we would like
for their more complex orthopaedic surgery.


Therefore, we are making a temporary change to how we deliver
our orthopaedic surgery services to help reduce the waiting time
for these patients.


This means that during July to October we will carry out
orthopaedic surgery at University Hospital of North Durham and
Darlington Memorial Hospital. These are our two main acute sites
which have a full range of support services and therefore support
the delivery of the more complex surgery.


There will be a very small number of patients who are currently
booked for surgery at Bishop Auckland Hospital and we will be in
touch with them directly to discuss rearranging their


The Trust is committed to service provision at Bishop Auckland
Hospital and within our plans for this year, we have outlined this
commitment to the centre of excellence at the hospital for
orthopaedic surgery. This would be a temporary change only to
support the management of the current position and improve the
experience of the cohort of long waiters at this time. It is
proposed therefore that elective orthopaedic in-patient surgery
would begin to take place at Bishop Auckland Hospital in late

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