New car parking charges at Newcastle Hospitals

Newcastle Hospitals will be introducing new car parking charges for patients and visitors, from 1 July 2022.

The new charges will apply across the Trust’s hospital sites including the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospital.

The decision to introduce new parking charges has not been taken lightly. Parking is limited across our hospital sites and we have been one of the cheapest car parks in the city.

We regularly have non-hospital visitors, including those who work in other organisations in the city centre, parking on-site and taking valuable patient and visitor spaces.

This can be extremely distressing for our patients as it can lead to lengthy delays and on some occasions, has resulted in patients missing appointments while trying to get parked. We continue to do everything we can to support those people accessing our services and have introduced a number of concessions to minimise any impact on our patients and those visiting loved ones.

We have introduced a long stay patient tariff so those patients who are with us for longer than four hours will have their parking capped. Alongside this we have a wide range of concessions to support different patient groups.

Concessions available include free parking for those patients attending frequently and free overnight parking for parents whose children are admitted to hospital and stay overnight. Reduced tariffs are also available for those vising long stay patients and anyone who has an unplanned or emergency admission.

Patients who are in receipt of qualifying benefits may also claim travel expenses through the Hospital Travel Costs Scheme if applicable.

The new charges are as follows:

Standard tariff Long stay patient tariff
First 30 minutes – Free of charge First 30 minutes – Free of charge
Up to 1 hour – £2 Up to 1 hour – £2
1-2 hours – £4 1-2 hours – £4
2-3 hours – £6 2-3 hours – £6
3-4 hours – £8 3-4 hours – £8
4-5 hours – £12 4-5 hours – £8
5 – 24 hours – £18 5 – 24 hours – £8

All details of parking charges are on the Trust website at

A full list of concessions are available here  

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