Surface dressing moves into eastern residential areas

People living in the east of the Dorset Council area are being asked to look out for advance notice boards as road repairs move into the area.

Surface dressing – a maintenance treatment to prolong the life of a road by sealing it against water damage and restoring skid resistance – is a quick process but requires road closures to be in place and vehicles to be moved off the road for the work to be carried out.

Over 60 roads have been surface dressed across the council area so far this season, with 14 roads in Ashley Heath and 20 roads in Ferndown set to be refreshed.

Residents should look out for yellow signs – usually up around two days before work starts – and are asked to move vehicles off the road before 9am.

Roads are close during the work due to the number of large vehicles operation, with closures lasting for around one or two hours depending on the length of the road being treated.

The road can be driven on as soon as it’s finished, with an advisory 20mph speed limit in place to help loose stones ‘bed down’ into the bitumen.

Roads are swept for excess stones one to two days after work is completed, with road markings replaced a week or so later.

Ashley Heath

Woolsbridge Road

Pine Manor Road

Grosvenor Close

Shelley Close

Bracken Close

Lions Wood

Hill Way

Monkworthy Drive

Ashley Drive West

Ashley Drive North

Ashley Drive South

Paddock Close

Struan Gardens

Ashley Park


Martins Drive

Wimborne Road East

Whincroft Drive

Woodside Road

Greenwood Avenue

Monkton Close

Victoria Gardens

Penrose Road

St.Marys Road

Larch Way

Willow Way

Robins Wood Drive

Beaufoys Avenue

Queens Road

Prunus Drive

Laburnum Close

Aldridge Road

Lone Pine Way

Dane Drive

Lone Pine Drive

More information about surface dressing can be found online.

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