Tall Ships Hartlepool 2023 – how you can get involved

With the prestigious Tall Ships Hartlepool 2023 now just one year away, officials are keen to ensure that local people and businesses know how they can get involved.

The event will take place from Thursday July 6th-Sunday July 9th 2023, and bring with it a range of opportunities, including becoming a Sail Trainee aboard a participating vessel, a volunteer or a sponsor.

Businesses can also register their interest in having a presence at the event, and this may be in the form of an exhibition stand, a stall, a catering concession or even as an artist!

Catherine Honey, Hartlepool Borough Council’s Event Director Tall Ships 2023, said: “We would love to hear from the community and businesses on how they would like to be involved in this exciting event. There is one year to go and we are encouraging the town to get in touch and be part of it!

“We are asking for expressions of interest and this can be done by submitting an online form available at www.tallshipshartlepool2023.co.uk  Once we receive your expression of interest, we will contact you later in the year to provide more information about the opportunities available.”

Becoming a Sail Trainee is a chance to embark on a journey of a lifetime. The Council is looking for young people aged 15-24 who would like to represent Hartlepool and the Tees Valley by taking part in the Tall Ships Races 2023. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in something spectacular and sail across Europe. No experience is required.

Sail Trainees will make friends for life from all over the world, and learn a wealth of new and valuable skills.

In respect of volunteering, there will be a varied range of exciting roles available. The aim is to have a team of welcoming volunteers who are able to share their knowledge of Hartlepool with visitors and crews. Roles could include way finding, staffing information points, meeting and greeting, as well as providing stage and site management support.

Volunteers will also be needed to support ships as liaison officers, and some more technical volunteers who may be able to support in the specifics of maintaining or repairing ships while they are here.

Community engagement is a key element of Tall Ships 2023, and schools, businesses, community groups and residents across Hartlepool will engage in a number of cultural and educational activities throughout the coming year, bringing the Borough’s rich heritage to life so that we can share our stories with our visitors when the Tall Ships dock in July 2023. Not only will we delve into our past, but we will also look to the future as we educate and collaborate to protect and promote our town and coastline, leaving a legacy long after the ships have crossed back over the horizon and confirming Hartlepool as a key visitor destination for the future! An exciting programme of activity will be announced over the coming months.

Tall Ships Hartlepool is grateful for the generous support of sponsors and partners, and a range of sponsorship opportunities will be announced in coming months. These will include flexible options and additions to packages to ensure there is an opportunity for everyone to support the event if they would like to.

In addition to inclusion in social activities, sponsor benefits will focus on the promotion of the business’ corporate social responsibility in supporting a sustainable sporting event and enabling the training and development of local young people.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and supporting opportunities for young people please get in touch at TallShips2023@hartlepool.gov.uk

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