University of Manchester medical student wins prestigious UK national award

A medical student at the University of Manchester has gained a top prize in the prestigious 2022 Dr Falk-Pharma/Guts UK Charity national awards. Mr Oluwatobi Adegboye won the Medical Student Prize for his research project, which investigated the links between circadium systems and advanced liver fibrosis.

The project, entitled ‘Does Disruption of the Circadian Clock System Advance Liver Fibrosis was carried out at the at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Manchester whilst intercalating for his BSc in Anatomical Sciences.

Mr Adegboye was presented with his award and £1,500 prize at the annual meeting of the British Gastroenterology Society (BSG) on Tuesday June 21st. The ceremony took place during a special dinner at the Raddison Blu Hotel in Birmingham, with the awards presented by the Chair of the BSG and attended by other illustrious names in gastroenterology medicine along with the CEO of Guts UK.

The Dr Falk Pharma/Guts UK Awards are dedicated to encouraging research and promoting patient care in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. Since 2007 they have rewarded over 120 dedicated young health care professionals, including medical students, junior doctors, nurses and dietitians.

Mr Adegboye explains, ‘I have developed a keen interest in liver disease because it affects so many people across so many aetiologies. Further, liver disease is going to be one of the major health challenges of the future. Organ fibrosis occurs across all liver disease and so if we can find a method of treating fibrosis it would be of enormous benefit.

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