Doncaster CEO praises hard work of research at local hospitals

The ‘Research Rhino’ mascot made its way throughout the Trust during a weeklong awareness event in May.

When deciding the idea for the mascot, ‘endangerment’ came to mind – something rhinos and research have in common.

Rebecca Pugh, Senior Research Sister at DRI explained: “Rhinos are an endangered species and if not protected will become extinct. This is much the same for research: if it isn’t supported, we will never have any advances in healthcare.”

With a background in care of endangered animals, such as rhinos, John could relate to the efforts of the research team.

John said: “The Trust does so much good work in the community and its awareness week really shows how they are striving to make life better for people”.

“The rhino, and the wonderful, flowered crochet are a fitting symbol for the need to support and protect what is dear to us.”

The Research Rhino, made from an African Flower Rhino crochet pattern, was created by Research Sister Angela Waddingham and her daughter-in-law to promote research in health care.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park has played host to past events for NHS colleagues, displaying its continued support for DBTH.

In September 2021, it held a special NHS thank you event, funded by charitable donations, in which staff were invited to attend the park with family and friends for the day.

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