Time to Shine

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Each month one of our team from the Vision Support Service will share inspiring stories from our young people and their families:

*Finn’s story told by Gayle Johnson (QTVI)

How did you meet Finn?

Finn was 3 months old when he was referred to Vision Support Service (VSS) by his NHS Ophthalmologist Consultant after his diagnosis of Nystagmus (eye wobble) and later for his achromatopsia (eye condition affecting the cone photoreceptors in the retina of the eye) diagnosis.

What happened next?

We started with home visits for him and his family to meet with and get to know his QTVI (Qualified Teacher for Vision Impairment).  Our QTVI also visited Finn at Nursery.  Our QTVI answered questions Finn’s family had about his Nystagmus and Achromatopsia.

How did we support?

We used play based activities and observations to find out more about how Finn used his vision.  We started the Developmental Journal for VI Stage 1a and began using areas for development to encourage Finn to use his vision. We explained to Nursey staff how to adapt the teaching environment and learning resources.  Finn was referred to our Mobility and Habilitation Specialist to help him with skills to support him to walk safely outdoors and develop his independent living skills in line with the Curriculum Framework for VI (CFVI).

What’s next for Finn?

Finn is 18 months old now and loves kicking a football.  He enjoys using his vision.  He attends nursery and is now learning to use a Hoople (hoop-shaped mobility aid) for his mobility when outside.  VSS team will support an enhanced transition when he is ready for school, and we will continue to support Finn and his family at each step until he leaves school.

Feedback from Finn’s parent

“It gave me and Finn the support and advice I needed to know to provide Finn with the best support individualised to him. I can’t fault the service it has always been a positive experience even through the hardest times of Covid, I’m really thankful for Gayle and Kay. As a family we know how lucky we are to have the input we do and are very grateful.”


*name has been anonymised.

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