Hackney Council issues warning and advice

The Met Office has issued an emergency heat warning for Monday and Tuesday. This means temperatures are going to get dangerously high.

We have not seen temperatures of this kind ever in the UK, and we will not be used to living and working in these conditions. That’s why I’m urging you to take care: stay cool and hydrated, and help keep others safe too. Please keep listening to the Met Office advice.

Council teams are preparing for the extreme heat including stepping up support for vulnerable residents, such as our rough sleepers, and they will be carrying out welfare calls to those we know might be at risk. Council services will also be working really hard to ensure services to residents are unaffected.

This heatwave is a very serious and dangerous consequence of climate change. It’s already causing increased drought, flooding, heatwaves and fires across the world, and now we are facing the highest temperatures ever recorded in British history.

In 2019, the Council declared a climate emergency. Since then, then we’ve done more than most other local authorities to make changes that will protect our planet for future generations: switching the Council’s electricity supply to 100% renewable; introducing 40 School Streets and 15 low traffic neighbourhoods to encourage people to leave their cars at home and walk and cycle instead; adopting a new local plan requiring developments to contribute to biodiversity; converting 1,400 sqm of space on our roads and pavements to increase wildlife; and launching the second phase of the Green Homes programme.

We have also continued to invest in our parks and green spaces, and planted thousands of street trees – the number one tool for the delivery of sustainable cooling; mitigating against the impact of both the Urban Heat Island effect and warming due to the emission of greenhouse gases. 

This heat emergency demonstrates that our vital and pioneering work to help tackle the climate emergency is needed now more than ever.

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