Students celebrate diversity at ‘magnificent’ end of term cultural events

The Fashion Show was hosted by Redbridge Student Union Officers Marwa Mohsin and Dua Lodhi.  Students were invited to show off their cultural outfits on a ‘catwalk’ with several countries represented, including Senegal, Algeria, Afghanistan, Gambia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Trinidad and Tobago.

While each student paraded in their garments, the audience got to learn more about the different countries as the hosts read a description of the outfits and displayed a slide show of popular attractions in the background.

Staff and students were in awe of the colourful and stunning outfits and danced along as music from the different cultures was played.

Performing Arts student Minaal Meer hosted the second part of the event where she asked each student what made them proud of their country. Some staff and students said they got emotional as students expressed their passion and patriotism during the Q&A.

Deputy Principal Jacqueline Mitchell, Senior Curriculum Manager Russell Hasnat and Student Union President Vijai Chutto, judged the event and chose winners based on outfits, Q&A, stage presence and crowd response.

Photos from the Redbridge campus event are below:

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