Cabinet opens consultation on plan to protect nursery places in north Hull

Hull City Council’s Cabinet has today agreed to hold a formal consultation on plans that aim to protect nursery provision in North Hull for the long term.

The current McMillan Nursery in North Hull has been hit by a decreasing birth rate in the area and national funding shortages. Hull City Council has now taken action to ensure that there are nursery places available for people who need them.

The consultation process will begin in the autumn and will involve parents, carers, and the wider community. People will be able to give their views on the council website, and also via paper forms.

Councillor Linda Tock, Portfolio Holder for children’s services said: “We want to ensure there are enough nursery places in the north of the city, and want your views on how this is done. I’d encourage any parents in the area to have their say in the consultation, as it’s important we have views of people who need and use the provision.”

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