Former Council homes bought back for use by families on Hackney’s housing waiting list

Hackney is in the midst of a housing crisis; the lack of affordable accommodation within the borough is having a significant impact on the wellbeing of Hackney residents, with over 3,000 households in temporary accommodation, and many, many more on the Council’s housing waiting list. 

These 10 Council homes were built to provide a safe, secure and genuinely affordable place to live for local families who need them most, and I’m delighted to be bringing them back for this purpose. However, they are only a fraction of the thousands of properties we’ve been forced to sell due to the Government’s dysfunctional Right to Buy policy.

It’s a tragedy that we’re paying many times more than what we were forced to sell them for, and we’ll continue to make the case for reform of a policy which fails to give councils the funding and flexibility they need to replace lost social housing which has contributed towards the huge housing shortage we have today.

In the meantime, we’ll keep doing what we can to support local families – whether it’s buying back former homes like these or delivering the hundreds of new Council homes that Hackney is building through its pioneering, not-for-profit development programme.

Cllr Sade Etti, Mayoral Advisor for Homelessness, Housing Needs and Rough Sleeping

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