new De Beauvoir Estate Council homes given green light

Hackney is facing a real need for new homes that meet the needs of our growing community. Many families in or around the De Beauvoir Estate live in homes that don’t meet their needs. 

These plans will not only provide modern, suitable and genuinely affordable homes within the community, but are also part of a wider investment to provide improved homes and better community facilities so the whole estate can benefit.

Despite the challenges caused by Brexit, coronavirus, the cost of living crisis and a continued lack of government funding for social housing, Hackney is still building – I’m proud that the Council is still working to deliver the next generation of Council homes and overcoming the government’s continued failure to invest in new Council homes.

We are as determined as ever to not just deliver on the current housebuilding plans but to expand them further. Every new home that Hackney is building, for social rent, for Hackney Living rent, for shared ownership or for outright sale is an opportunity for a local family to have a safe, secure and long-term roots in the borough, keeping our borough a place that all of us can be part of. 

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Delivery, Inclusive Economy and Regeneration

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