Get ready to #LoveToLearn with Adult Skills and Community Learning

There are so many reasons that people #LoveToLearn with Barnsley’s Adult Skills and Community Learning. That’s why we’re sharing why our learners choose to work with us and how they’ve been able to realise and achieve their goals.    

This summer, we’ll be sharing some of the stories of our learners about what they enjoy the most about lifelong learning. You’ll also hear from some of our tutors about the impact of learning on the people they teach.  

At Adult Skills and Community Learning, our courses and classes are available for people aged 19 and over who want to improve their wellbeing, employability and skills or gain qualifications.    

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture at Barnsley Council, said: “Opportunities for people of all ages to develop skills, talent and creativity open up in the summer months and can create exciting new prospects for residents in Barnsley. It’s never too late to learn. Whether it’s a new skill or working towards a qualification, learning can improve your wellbeing and open up new possibilities for your future. So if you’d like to try something new, the Adult Skills and Community Learning team can provide advice, guidance and support for every step of your journey.” 

In our first story, Heather and Debbie are enjoying their newfound confidence after joining a wellness class at Adult Skills and Community Learning. They’ve both rediscovered a sense of direction and purpose which helped to boost their self-esteem and make them feel like their old selves again. You can find out more about their story here.

If you’d like to fall in love with learning, get in touch with one of our friendly advisors for information and guidance about the wide range of courses. You can find more information on Barnsley’s Adult Skills and Community Learning webpage, or call (01226) 775270. 


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