Advice on how to avoid fires and stay safe this summer

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people to stay safe during the warm weather this summer.


The warm weather in recent weeks means there is greater risk of fires starting, but many fires can be avoided by following the right advice. There has already been an increase in fires as a result of the hot weather, with 30 reports attended by crews over the weekend alone.

With the soaring temperatures the fire service is urging people to be cautious during the current hot weather by following these safety tips:

  • Avoid open fires, but if one starts, keep away and call 999 immediately, giving the best location description including any landmark or building nearby
  • If you are camping or caravanning, keep the tent and caravan a safe distance from others and don’t take any fire-risks while inside or close-by
  • Avoid disposable barbeques – they can set fire to dry vegetation and stay hot for hours
  • If you are having a barbeque at home, keep a bucket of water handy, use approved barbecue lighters and don’t throw live embers in the dustbin
  • Never discard cigarette ends into fields of grass/ vegetation, they can spark a fires even if you think they are extinguished
  • Don’t leave bottles or glass in woodlands – sunlight shining through glass can ignite a fire
  • Please don’t burn garden waste until the heatwave is over, as this can get out of control very fast
  • If you are heading to water to cool off, opt for a swimming pool rather than rivers or lakes – they remain deceptively cold under the surface, and there may be unseen dangers under the water
  • If your road journey is unavoidable, please ensure you take plenty of water, the vehicle is fully serviced, and you have a charged mobile phone – and ensure you have your breakdown company phone number saved or know who to call in case you encounter car trouble

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member with responsibility for the Fire and Rescue Service, said: “It’s important to follow the safety advice so everyone in Gloucestershire can enjoy their summer safely without any fires or injuries.

“The Fire and Rescue Service has been working incredibly hard during the hot weather to respond to an upturn in reports of fire. I would ask all county residents to work with their Fire and Rescue Service to reduce the number of fires by following this advice.”

Richard Lockyer, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service Group Manager, said: “We want everyone in Gloucestershire to remain safe during the warm weather.

“There is an added risk of fire with the dry ground in the summer so please be aware of the potential causes of wildfires, such as throwing a cigarette from a car or leaving a glass bottle or disposable barbeque behind after a picnic.

“Our staff will continue to work hard to serve their communities and will be there for you in the event of a fire.”

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