Pop-up exhibition hosted by Danum Gallery, Library and Museum highlights the need for improved care and research around secondary (metastatic) breast cancer

The Darker Side of Pink’ is a physical interactive experience which highlights the seriousness of Metastatic Breast Cancer – the biggest killer of women under the age of 50 with cancer in the UK

The impactful exhibition features 31 life-size transparent figures, depicting the invisibility of the disease – each one representing a woman who dies every day in the UK.

The exhibition is part of a drive by patient advocacy group, METUPUK, to raise awareness of the issues and struggles faced by women living with metastatic breast cancer and the urgent need for better care and research.

Each ‘Darker Pink’ figure features a QR code that, when scanned, plays a video from a real-life woman living with secondary breast cancer. Filmed only last year, two of these women have since died, themselves becoming a statistic they spoke about whilst also campaigning for change. Many of these videos are incredibly emotional, as befits the seriousness of the topic.

Jo Taylor, founder of METUPUK, said “There is a critical need for awareness of the disease.  This is what I have experienced over the years. Even patients who have had primary breast cancer are unaware of the red-flag signs and symptoms of metastatic breast cancer and the many issues that MBC patients face when diagnosed. There is a real and pressing need for change and that’s what this exhibition aims to highlight.”

METUPUK is a self-funded charity and the only patient advocacy group in the UK focusing on MBC. Founder Jo Taylor has been campaigning since 2016 to promote the issues affecting those diagnosed, highlighting not just the red flag signs and symptoms but also the lack of access to drugs, treatments, surgeries and clinical trials as well as the lack of data in this area.

The volunteer-led organisation works to push and promote issues affecting those with a particular focus on tackling the backlog of care for patients as well as awareness of this invisible disease.

The Darker Side of Pink is at Danum Gallery Library and Museum until 2 September 2022 

Link to exhibition venues & dates https://metupuk.org.uk/darker-side-of-pink/dates/


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