Views sought on draft Hartlepool Inclusive Growth Strategy

Businesses and other stakeholders are being invited to comment on a draft Inclusive Growth Strategy setting out Hartlepool’s economic priorities and targets for growth in coming years.

The strategy which has been developed by Hartlepool Borough Council’s Economic Growth Team, replaces the 2019-2021 Economic Growth Strategy and aims to build on progress made during that period.

The draft document draws on data and economic insights to understand the current health of Hartlepool’s economy in areas such as business survival rates, employment, education, skills and productivity.

Councillor Mike Young, Chair of the Council’s Economic Growth and Regeneration Committee, said: “To take the town forward, it’s vital that the strategy reflects the needs and aspirations of local businesses and organisations.

“Many have already contributed to the development of the draft strategy through interviews, a survey and discussions at the Economic Regeneration and Tourism Forum, but we would welcome further feedback before the strategy is finalised.

“I’d like to add my thanks to officers of Hartlepool Borough Council and wider influencers of the new strategy for their effort and continued commitment to the sustainability of the town and to Councillors from all parties who sit on the committee who have been instrumental in the debate and challenge elements of the process.”

Comments on the draft strategy can be emailed to the Council at 

The new strategy focusses on three distinct themes – developing people, developing business and developing place – and includes the following ten-point delivery plan.

  • Development of a “Production Village” creative quarter in the area around the Northern Film and TV Studios in Lynn Street, on the site of the Northern School of Art.
  • An action plan to support creative sector businesses.
  • A targeted support strategy for Hartlepool businesses.
  • Development of sites and premises for business accommodation.
  • Learning and skills initiatives.
  • Raising the confidence and aspirations of young people.
  • Supporting and developing social enterprises.
  • Supporting healthy workforces.
  • Developing a vision and place brand for Hartlepool.
  • Strengthening the town’s tourism offer.

In addition to the strategy, an action plan has been developed to provide further details on the specific projects and initiatives that will deliver the ten-point plan. A full version of the draft strategy and action plan can be read at

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