We’re prepared for disruption on the roads due to hot weather

“We’re used to being vigilant when using the roads in adverse weather, such as strong wind, rain or snow, but summer’s high temperatures are also cause to be extra alert.

“We’ve not seen it so much in Devon this year, but roads can become tacky as high temperatures warm up the surface material, and in extreme cases can cause damage to the road.

“Bright sunshine can also dazzle or obscure drivers’ sight, and heat inside the vehicles can make drivers drowsy while driving.

“Our advice is to travel with care. Be alert to the condition of the road and drive appropriately. Where we see roads becoming tacky with the heat, we are ready to dust them to improve friction, so drivers need to stay alert and reduce their speed as they would on newly gritted or treated roads.

“And remember, drivers may be confident in their own ability, but with more people using the roads in Devon during holiday season, and with high temperatures possibly making people fatigued at the wheel, everyone needs to pay attention to others on the road.

“Take regular breaks when driving longer distances, and remember to take water with you to keep hydrated.

“And when stopping, don’t leave others unattended in a closed vehicle, especially young children or people with underlying health conditions, or pets.”

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