Cabinet to review annual reports highlighting the great work happening to safeguard adults and children in Barnsley

Cabinet members will be asked to approve the latest annual reports of the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board (BSAB) and Barnsley Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (BSCP) when they meet on Wednesday 17 August.

Both reports reflect on all the hard work of our partner organisations to keep people safe over the past year, outlining the progress and achievements of the Safeguarding Adults Board and Children’s Partnership in 2021/22.

They also cover the group’s key ambitions and plans for the coming year to continue safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our communities.

Among the highlights of the Safeguarding Adults Board annual report are:

  • BSAB received fantastic feedback in their recent peer review, finding the Board to be effectively preventing abuse and working together with people to stop harm. You can read more in our latest media release.
  • In 2021/22, the Board and its partners removed or reduced the risk of harm for 93% of the adults they supported.
  • Barnsley is now helping share safeguarding education in South Yorkshire thanks to the high-quality training offered to our borough’s professionals and volunteers.

Among the highlights of the Barnsley Safeguarding Children’s Partnership annual report are:

  • A joined-up approach to training, guidelines and raising public awareness in Barnsley has helped to reduce the number of infant deaths caused by overlay to zero.
  • Working closely with our partners, we have seen more families getting early help and support. Early help assessments have increased, and requests for targeted early help support have doubled over the past year.
  • Listening to our young people, the BSCP has committed to tackling bullying and harassment by developing a new Anti-Bullying Strategy with schools and partners.

Both reports also highlighted the success of Safeguarding Awareness Week 2021 in our borough. During the week, professionals and volunteers enjoyed a wide range of training opportunities while we raised public awareness of how to report safeguarding concerns.

We also hosted in-person information events and digital support sessions to help keep adults, children and young people safe.

Councillor Jenny Platts, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place Health and Adult Social Care, said: “Throughout the pandemic, our Safeguarding Adults Board has been a driving force in keeping our communities safe and free from harm. Working closely with partners across Barnsley, their leadership has helped services adapt to never-before-seen challenges and continue delivering vital support.

“I would like to thank our resilient safeguarding workforce, the Board and all our partners for their continued commitment and collaboration over the past year. Without them, we would not be able to move ahead with safeguarding adults and promoting their welfare together.”

Councillor Trevor Cave, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children’s Services, said: “Our Safeguarding Children’s Partnership works tirelessly to make Barnsley a safe place for children and young people to grow up.

“Over the past year, their leadership and remarkable ability to adapt has helped to safeguard children, support families and take our vision for the partnership forward. As we continue to recover from the pandemic, I would like to thank the Children’s Partnership and all the passionate people working in safeguarding for going above and beyond to make Barnsley a safer place.”

The Safeguarding Adults Board and Safeguarding Children’s Partnership are multi-agency boards, whose independent scrutiny, robust challenge and collaboration helps make sure our partners effectively keep children, young people and adults in Barnsley safe.

Both the Barnsley Safeguarding Adults Board and Safeguarding Children’s Partnership annual reports can be read on the council website.

For more information on safeguarding children, young people and adults in Barnsley, including how to report any concerns, please visit our dedicated safeguarding webpage.

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