New Short Films Explain Specialist Degrees in Bradford

A new series of short videos released by Bradford College highlight the specialist degrees on offer right here in the city.

Each video follows a different student on a professional degree pathway. These include Katie Martin studying BA (Hons) Make-up with Special Effects, Naved Gardezi a BSc (Hons) Top Up Civil Engineering Project Management degree, Elena Timpu a BA Early Years Practice: The Whole Child degree, and Carys Marshall an FDA in Music for the Creative Industries.

The films aim to showcase some of the more unusual, bespoke, or unexpected degree courses on offer locally at Bradford College that can lead to successful and rewarding careers across diverse industries.

Civil engineering student Naved Gardezi said:

“The best bits for me are coming to college and doing the work I love, learning mathematics and structural design… the way the tutors teach is specifically for you, and if you need any 1-1 help you can book support. [..] My dream job is to be a civil engineer or structural engineer – I want to do something what benefits people around the world.”

Foundation degree student Carys Marshall said:

“I really enjoy the course – I think it can be really challenging at times but that is good for career progression. […The tutors] go above and beyond. […] Once I have graduated, I want to do the Level 6 Music for Creative Industries top-up degree at Bradford College so I have a full degree and then move on to starting my own events management and promotion business.”

At Bradford College, higher-level courses are available to those finishing A Levels. As many students come to university to study later in life, many College courses can also be studied part-time, fitting around work and family commitments to help spread the cost.

Hands-on Higher National (HNC/HND) qualifications are another alternative and economical option. A third-year ‘top up’ is available for BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) degrees at various universities, meaning students can gain a full degree at a much-reduced cost. Find out more about Degrees, Higher Professional, and Technical Qualifications at Bradford College.

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