A level results are in for Leeds students

Young people across Leeds are celebrating their A level and other post-16 results today (Thursday 18 August).

This is the first time pupils across the country have sat summer exams since 2019, as A levels and equivalent vocational exams were cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Instead, grades were generated by schools based on internal assessment and work produced over the course of study by pupils.

Grades in 2020 and 2021 were generally higher than they were in 2019 due to the different assessment system used. This year, exam boards set grades at a midpoint between summer 2019 and 2021.

As pupils sitting exams this year had their education disrupted by the pandemic, they were given additional support in most exams such as information in advance on the area of focus. Pupils in maths and physics had formulae tables rather than being expected to learn them off by heart.

Because of these changes, it is not possible to make comparisons between results this year and previous years.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Leeds City Council’s executive board member for economy, culture and education said:

“I’d like to congratulate everyone on the results they have received today, which as always, are the outcome of a lot of hard work, effort and determination, as well as the high quality of teaching in our schools and colleges. 

“To say that the last couple of years has been challenging for everyone in schools and other learning settings would be an understatement. Pupils across the system have shown remarkable resilience in overcoming the challenges to their education caused by the pandemic.”

“Schools and colleges are on hand to offer additional advice and guidance, and I want to thank all those staff for the support they are providing to young people in the city as they consider their next steps.

“Our ambition to be a Child Friendly City means working to ensure that all of our children and young people are given the best possible chance of getting the qualifications and skills they need to succeed in the years ahead. Additional support, advice and guidance is available to those young people still considering their future options having received their results today from the Start in Leeds website. 

“I would like to wish all our young people the very best as they choose and take their next steps.”

There is support available for students who did not get the results they were hoping for and those who need help figuring out what’s next.  

Students can use Leeds City Council’s Start in Leeds platform to access information, advice and guidance about the further education opportunities available.

The Next Steps page also signposts learners to the council’s Employment Hub that provides one-to-one support with CVs, job searching, application forms, interviews and general careers advice and guidance.

The Start in Leeds Next Steps page can be accessed here.

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