Clearing 2022: I was able to manage my anxiety and make incredible friends

Fri 19 August, 2022

A third year Dance student from the University of Bedfordshire has spoken about her experience of using Clearing to change institutions so she could be closer to home.

Applicants may not be aware but Clearing lines are open until October, meaning that – if their situation changes – students can always change their minds and enquire about switching course or institution last minute.

School of Arts & Creative Industries student, Lucy, came to study at the University’s Bedford campus via Clearing after she felt her initial choice was too far from home and would impact on her mental health.

Read Lucy’s Q&A to find out about her Clearing journey and experience of studying at the University of Bedfordshire…

I wanted to study dance as it has always been a passion of mine growing up. It’s something I felt comfortable with and felt like I was quite good at. I initially had plans to be a secondary school dance teacher, however through participating in volunteering I found out I wanted to be a primary school teacher.

I ended up coming through Clearing as I had originally planned on going to a larger university away from home. I spent a week at the other university until I decided it really was not for me. I suffer with anxiety and being in such a big class away from home made me feel very alone.

When I called the University of Bedfordshire, the Clearing operator really helped me and guided me through the application process for applying to study at the Bedford campus. She even filled out a form for me over the phone as I could not get it working myself online. I felt as if Bedfordshire was already looking after me!

I am so happy with my choice to come to the University of Bedfordshire. I have honestly had the best three years of my life. I have made incredible friends and have amazing memories. The lecturers are phenomenal and you can get one-to-one attention which you might not get if you go somewhere bigger. Bedfordshire feels like a community and for someone like me who suffers with anxiety, it is perfect.

My top tip for students entering Clearing this year is to trust that everything will work out. I remember being so stressed at sorting everything out but the process was a lot easier then I imagined it would be. Essentially, trust that it will all be okay!

My advice for people wanting to study Dance & Professional Practice is to just go for it! The course is absolutely amazing and you’ll learn so much. Leaving sixth form I hated writing but now I am so confident with it due to the amazing sessions we had during the course. There are so many units which showcase the different abilities you have, such as teaching or business planning. It was the best decision I have ever made coming to the University of Bedfordshire and I honestly could not recommend it enough.

The University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team is on hand up until October to discuss courses, funding, accommodation, student support and any other queries about life on campus.

Give the Clearing Hotline a call today on 0300 3300 073 or apply online:

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