Police and Council working together to combat and deescalate serious violence in borough

Our hearts go out to the families of those devastated by the recent violence. 

We know serious violence is extremely worrying for all the community but particularly for parents with children and young people living in the area. 

We are pleased the police have made a series of arrests and hope this offers some reassurance. 

The police have assured us their operations are absolutely targeted against those individuals who are intent on causing high harm to others. And we will continue to work with police to ensure that stop and searches conducted as a result of the current tensions are only undertaken when there are clear grounds in order to prevent the power from being used indiscriminately. 

The Council has been working tirelessly to put an immediate stop to the violence; to dissipate tensions; and to restore peace and stability to the area – for everyone. 

There will be more enforcement to follow in the coming days to intervene and disrupt the violence and keep residents safe.

We are committed to keeping everyone in Hackney safe and have a long term strategy in place to help achieve this ambition, working alongside our partners in the police, community, voluntary sector and youth organisations.

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