Puppy checks

We are advising potential dog owners to take care and follow the following advice before buying a puppy.


➡ Check that the breeder is licenced. Ask to see their licence – it should be available to view. If not, contact us to check.

➡ Ask to see records of when the puppy was born, litter mates, monitoring of its day-to-day health and development.

➡ The microchip should be registered to the breeder in the first instance – check this, if it isn’t, then it could suggest that the breeder is overbreeding.

➡ Ask to see vet records for the mum and pups – no dog can be used in breeding if she is not up to date with vaccinations and a clean health status.

➡ No puppy should be sold without a sales contract.


Email us at [email protected] to report any concerns.

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