Hot Tub Safety Toolkit Launched to Help Tourism Operators

South West Councils have partnered with Devon and Somerset Trading Standards and Professional Association of Self caterers UK to release a free series of bit-size webinars and toolkit to help operators of hot tubs deliver a safer and more enjoyable experience for their customers. The package has been designed with both experienced and new operators in mind and also with the aim of providing an introduction for staff at all levels tasked with operating and maintaining the equipment.

The scheme recognises that over the last few years there has been a notable increase in searches for guest accommodation offering additional features and facilities. Hot tubs are often at the top of people’s preferences and many accommodation providers have seen their potential to improve the customer experience and as a place for their guests to unwind and relax in.

Although installation is usually straight forward the ongoing running and use of hot tubs in holiday lets brings extra challenges and responsibilities for owners and staff. Ensuring the hot tub is properly managed, to avoid any adverse health effects, requires ongoing vigilance, with effective cleaning, maintenance, water treatment, and testing programmes in place. This includes full water change in between each guest group and clear rules of use.

The new free and easily accessible resources aim to make the task of learning how to safely operate a hot tub less of a headache and relevant knowledge easier to acquire and share.  This will help owners and their staff understand all the steps required to make the hot tub environment safe for their guests.

The series of bite size webinars have been divided into five sections, containing information ranging from buying the correct hot tub, understanding the law, the procedures required to run hot tubs safely and the important water treatment and testing requirements. The toolkit also includes handy templates such as example risk assessment, operating plans, and log sheet all of which can be adapted to suit a business.

Leader at North Devon Council, Councillor David Worden says: “Aimed at both experienced and new hot tub operators, it’s important that business owners are up-to-speed with the operational and legal obligations to ensure their hot tubs are operated to the best of standards. Hot tubs are become an increasingly important part of many peoples holidays searches and it’s vital that they are operated safely.”

Better Business for All Spokesperson says: “This is a great product, aimed at helping business comply with the legislation and with the additional aim of getting consistent regulatory advice especially to those businesses who operate in more than one area.”

To access the toolkit and find out more please go online.

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