County Durham and Darlington – State of the art Laparoscopic operating theatre opens at University Hospital of North Durham

A successful bid for national funding means that patients
requiring laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, will now benefit from a
new state of the art surgical theatre at University Hospital of
North Durham, which is part of County Durham and Darlington NHS
Foundation Trust.  The operating theatre features some of the
latest technology and surgical equipment, and will be used
exclusively to perform laparoscopic procedures.


Mr Mishreki in theatre

Mr Andrew Mishreki, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon,
and Trust Cancer Lead, explains; “Laparoscopic surgery has
been well evidenced over many years to improve outcomes for
patients, these include decreased post-operative pain, a speedier
recovery from surgery, fewer post-operative complications (eg wound
infections and the development of hernia’s), and a faster return to
normal activities.


“The development of laparoscopic techniques, applications
towards more surgical procedures, and advancement of surgical
technologies, has led to the widespread adoption of the


“The operating theatre will be used predominantly for major
colorectal surgery, treating bowel cancers. Here at CDDFT we treat
a large number of bowel cancers each year, with 319 operations for
this condition alone in the past year. The vast majority of all of
these operations are completed laparoscopically.


“The theatre will also be used for other colorectal surgery,
including conditions related to inflammatory bowel disease, as well
as for complex gynaecological surgery, and general surgery.”



Malcolm Anderson, 77, retired sales manager from Belmont,
Durham, recently underwent laparoscopic surgery under the care of
Mr Mishreki, so has experienced its benefits first hand.  He
says, “I was diagnosed with colon cancer on Easter Saturday,
16th April, and as with anyone receiving a cancer
diagnosis, it was a shock.  But I’ve been delighted with the
care I’ve received.  In the weeks following the diagnosis, I
underwent a number of tests and Mr Mishreki explained that he would
be aiming to remove all the cancer during the surgical procedure,
which I underwent on 19th May.


“Having arrived at University Hospital of North Durham at
8.30am, I was in recovery by lunchtime and was up and about very
quickly.  I only have a tiny scar, around my belly button and
I’m sure this and the fact the procedure was keyhole, made it much
easier to recover.  Mr Mishreki was able to remove all the
cancer meaning I was cancer free and didn’t require any further
treatment.  It meant I was able to get on with all the things
my wife and I enjoy, particularly days out and planning longer
holidays, within weeks of the diagnosis.  It’s marvellous that
the new laparoscopic theatre means more people like me can benefit
and new techniques can be used as they become available.


“We’re very lucky to have this opening at our local
hospital.  I can’t speak highly enough of everyone involved in
my care, including the specialist nurses who continue to care for
me, offering among other things advice on diet and nutrition.”


Mr Mishreki added, “The new operating theatre will house all of
the latest innovations and technologies within the field of
laparoscopic surgery, and all will be integrated into the working
space, allowing us to offer the very latest technological advances
to our patients. The equipment is all ceiling mounted, and it will
no longer be necessary to move heavy equipment between operating
theatres – providing further efficiencies during the course of the


“Being able to develop this integrated theatre means that we are
able to free up a more traditional operating theatre, helping to
clear some of the surgical waiting list that has resulted as an
effect of the pandemic.”


“The opportunity to work with the latest technology, in an
environment tailored exactly to our needs, is also great for
recruiting the very best theatre staff and for retaining our
existing, much valued teams. We’re also delighted that one full
wall of the theatre will feature a wonderful image of Durham
Cathedral – further improving everyone’s working environment.”

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