A successful week of Clearing after A-level results for 2022

As the first week of Clearing draws to a close our Admissions team has given UNify the latest stats and asked us to pass on a huge thank you to all staff involved.

In numbers:

  • More than 1800 calls to Clearing line and continuing as the line is still open
  • 1498 Clearing applications completed
  • 850 unconditional and conditional Clearing offers made so far to applicants
  • 2,997 firm acceptances so far for September 22 undergraduate full-time (home)
  • 215 academics talking to applicants and completing Clearing applications with them

On this year’s Clearing, Dawn Mains said: “It has been a very successful year so far with lots of applications and phone calls, which is all thanks to the hard work and help and support from colleagues across the University.

“Clearing is understandably a stressful and uncertain time for students, but I can confidently say those joining us in September will reflect positively because of their experience of Clearing at UON.”

Our Clearing helpline is open until October: 01604 214 808. There’s further information on our website.

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