Update from Mayor Ros Jones on Doncaster Sheffield Airport – 26 August 2022

I believe there is a great deal of untapped potential at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, and that it can have a bright, successful and profitable future.

I fully agree with what people are telling me, that they want to see our airport kept open, offering reasonably priced travel to a range of destinations that they and their family and friends can use. Through their strategic review Peel have told us they do not believe the airport is viable in its current form. However they have also told us they have not received any tangible approaches from operators or investors directly to them so I believe we should try to make this happen.

That is why Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority are actively seeking and engaging with potential investors and operators who share our optimism.

I want to offer some confidence to the market and to the people of Doncaster and South Yorkshire because I see the public sector continuing to broker the future prosperity of the airport and wider Gateway East development in both the short and long-term. This could take a number of forms depending on the options that come forward. I look forward to continued productive, swift and purposeful engagement with interested parties.


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Last updated: 26 August 2022 11:07:56

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