Stay safe on the roads this weekend

This bank holiday weekend is traditionally one of the busiest on our roads, with the AA expecting 45 per cent of UK drivers to be making non-commuting journeys between today (Friday) and Monday. 

It’s the culmination of many things – people returning home from summer holidays; others venturing off to make the most of the final public holiday of the summer; large scale music festivals; and day trips to wherever….. all before children return to school in September. 

Our team at the Network Operations Control Centre in Exeter (who control and monitor many of the CCTV cameras dotted at key junctions across Devon’s road network) are geared up for a busy weekend ahead. 

“This is always a busy few days on the roads,” says Councillor Stuart Hughes, our Cabinet Member responsible for highway management. 

“Our team in the Control Centre will be doing everything they can to help keep Devon’s traffic moving this weekend. The M5 and the main trunk roads – the A303, A30, A35, and A38 through Devon – tend to carry much of the volume, but we usually see more traffic generally everywhere this weekend. Pinch points are often the popular tourist and seaside destinations. 

“Please drive safely and with consideration to others on the road this weekend. Plan your journeys and anticipate heavier traffic. If the weather stays warm, don’t forget to carry water with you in the car, and take a break if you’re tired.” 

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