Clearing 2022: It opened new doors after redundancy

Fri 02 September, 2022

A multimedia student from the University of Bedfordshire has spoken about her Clearing experience, having decided to study again after being made redundant.

As well as prospective students who have received their BTEC, T Level and A Level results this summer, the Clearing option is open to all applicants – including mature learners and those returning to higher education, no matter their situation.

School of Arts & Creative Industries student, Frances, came to study at the University via Clearing after she was made redundant from her theatre job during the Covid-19 pandemic. After researching course options and liking the look of what Bedfordshire had to offer, she attended one of the virtual open days and then called the Clearing hotline.

Read Frances’ Q&A to find out about her Clearing journey and experience of studying at the University of Bedfordshire…

My name is Frances James. I’m 24 and I am studying BA (Hons) Film Production.

I wanted to study Film Production because I want to be a film director. I started off in live theatre as a lighting sound and AV technician but wanted to build up a portfolio in film to be able to start working in that sector of the industry.

I came to the University because I used to work as an assistant technician in a theatre but was made redundant due to cuts because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I went through all the Film Production courses on UCAS and attended an online open day for Bedfordshire. I then applied through Clearing and as I already had my A level results from when I was 18, I was accepted on to the course.

Clearing was a really easy process for me – I was fairly confident as I already had the grades the course asked for, plus some extra experience. I really wanted this course but had to make sure I had alternative options available – however, fortunately I got my first choice confirmed with Beds!

I’m really glad I chose Bedfordshire as it’s a small course with really good tutors that all have industry experience. The range of kit available and projects to work on has been really helpful in opening up different areas of a career in Film.  It covers all the bases of camera work, sound lighting, editing, writing and directing, meaning you can try everything out before deciding which areas you want to pursue in more detail. Assessments have been straight forward too, with a lot of focus going towards making sure we are prepared for employment after graduating from university.

Going into Clearing, I would say look at all the other extra activities you have done (and do) outside of your academic achievements – if you can show your love for your chosen subject or organisation and teamwork skills through non-school events then use them to highlight yourself as a ‘stand out student’. Keep in mind other courses that you would also accept places on, as well as foundation years or mixed major courses which are great ways to gain university-level experience.

Studying Film Production or another creative course at Beds really requires you to be proactive. You get the most out of these courses when you are pushing to do more than the bare minimum to pass. Tutors with links to the industry will offer you opportunities if they think you will gain the most out of them, so proving yourself by being proactive and enthusiastic will get you a lot more chances.

 Group work is slightly inevitable and while it isn’t always easy, it’s also what the creative industries are all about. If you can learn how to collaborate effectively with others you will be in a great place going forwards.

The University of Bedfordshire’s Clearing team is on hand up until October to discuss courses, funding, accommodation, student support and any other queries about life on campus.

Give the Clearing Hotline a call today on 0300 3300 073 or apply online:

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